Thursday, March 15, 2012

History, Physics and Science, Oh My!

These days there is a lot more emphasis on getting a degree you enjoy over one that may be more lucrative in the end. For some of us, that can be challenging, since we have rather tastes. That being said, here are some ideas.
Physics - Love math and science? Are you fascinated by gravitational fields and subatomic particles? Does dark matter, matter to you? If so, you should consider studying physics. Granted, this is no cake walk, but for you science people, you might just love it. You will be dealing with ideas and concepts that would make Einstein's hair turn even whiter. Just remember, a super collider is not what happens when you meet a member of the opposite gender.
Astronomy - Space, the final frontier, for you to study. Want to discover things to make the above physicists lives difficult? If a date with a telescope sounds like fun, this could be your calling. Once again, this no easy stroll through the astral park, ever plot a star chart? I have and it is not easy. You might not want to ever see a star again, on the flip side though, you might not be able to get enough.
Math - Do I even have to say it? Math is the universal love language of geeks. So many geeks seem to love this subject for some reason. Still good mathematicians are hard to find, and even harder to find are good math teachers. That being said, if you are more like me, then try...
History - It is true that not all history is nerdy, but if all you study is Medieval Europe or Feudal Japan, then it sure as heck is. If Medieval times sounds like your idea of a hot date, this is probably for you. Really though, is there anything cooler then learning about ancient armor, weapons and battles? Yes, it is called reenacting them. If this is you, the history is you answer to the future.
Literature - If history is Spock, then literature is Captain Kirk, they go hand in hand. Bookworms form their own subgenre of nerds and once again, while not all books are nerdy, if you have read King Arthur or Lord of the Rings more than one, it's time to face reality. You have probably even done some writing yourself. So if you think the pen is mightier than the above mentioned sword, go ahead and study it.
So this all begs the question: What on earth do I do with these degrees? Well for things like astronomy or physics then it would seem research is your calling. Either at a University or at research institute. As for the rest, have you considered a wonderful and fulfilling career as a teacher? Believe it or not, teaching can be very fun and fulfilling. If worst-comes-to-worst you can always teach them not to make the same mistakes you made. Just kidding, you will love it.

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